New Hermès Colors for 2023

We’re exploring the new Hermès colors for 2023. The atelier’s latest palette beckons with alluring citrus shades, a bold pop of explosive personality, and several sophisticated neutrals. From muted tones to the audacious exclamation of vibrant hues, the 2023 Hermès colors reflect a spirited joie de vivre. These new shades are produced in sumptuous Hermès bags and accessories and are not mere accents but statements of style. Let’s dive right in and explore how you might incorporate the Hermès colors of 2023 into your own style.

Unveiling Hermès' Color Palette for 2023

The new Hermès colors for 2023 offer a range of self-expression, from delicate whispers of the palest gray and white to the siren song of invigorating pink. So, which will you choose to help you narrate your personal style?

Rose Pop (0R)

Of course, the glorious pink shade of Rose Pop is the first in our lineup because it claims center stage. This vibrantly saturated hue is a true pink with the bluish undertones of fuchsia. One of the brightest of Hermès pink shades, Rose Pop is akin to the Pantone 2023 color of “Viva Magenta”. It is in the Rose Mexico and Rose Extreme family of pinks.

Orange Minium (0X)

It’s no secret that Hermès loves orange. The 2023 Hermès color Orange Minium is a bright, citrusy orange shade that simply sparkles. A brighter shade than the classic Hermès Orange, Orange Minium calls to mind juicy Mandarin oranges ripening in the Florida sunshine. The cheerful, confident color is one of the hottest colors for 2023 fashion. 

Vert Comic (0Z)

Vert Comic is a lovely green shade inspired by the unmistakable tones of comic strip illustrations. With less blue than Menthe and less yellow than Vert Criquet, Vert Comic is an ideal balance of blue and yellow that complements both beautifully. Lighter and brighter than Bambou, Vert Comic adds a bold pop of color without dominating your look.

Gris Neve (0W)

Hermès colors for 2023 bring us two new gray shades. Gris Neve is the darker of the two, and it includes a gossamer tinge of green. Gris Neve is Vert Fizz underlaid with a gentle pearl gray. Paired with GHW gold hardware, this hue is an elegant addition to your collection.

Limoncello (0Y)

Tangy Limoncello is a refreshing Italian liqueur crafted from lemon zest harvested from the Amalfi Coast and Capri. The 2023 Hermès color Limoncello was inspired by

the liqueur, and it has captured the look of liquid sunshine. First released in 2022, the clear sunny color sits between Jaune Poussin and Jaune Citron among Hermès yellow bag shades.

Gris Pale (M4)

Gris Pale is the lighter Hermès gray color for 2023. This pale shade of gray looks like a wisp of smoke. Accented with palladium hardware and stunning when paired with gold, this light, airy hue is the epitome of understated elegance. Gris Pale is the color of choice for those who understand that true style whispers and doesn’t shout.

Sun (B4)

Introduced in Fall 2023, Sun is a pure, bright yellow that immediately evokes thoughts of a bright summer day or a sunflower in the wind. Hermès differentiates this color from Soliel (9H), which is the French translation of sun. This new yellow is brighter and more neon than its predecessor, adding just the right pop of color to a fall or winter ensemble.

Beige Marfa (8Q)

Also a Fall 2023, Beige Marfa is the newest neutral. The name means “beige cargo” and the camel-toned beige most resembles Trench but lighter and brighter. A fabulous addition to Hermès’ family of neutrals. Perfect for year-round wear.

New Blue Jean (D2)

New Blue Jean is a reinterpretation of Blue Jean, one of Hermès most popular and classic colors. This time around the New Blue Jean seems less like the prewashed denim that made Blue Jean a favorite. Gone are the undertones of grey and green. New Blue Jean is a deeper, richer blue with the addition of the white contrast stitching It is a deeper, rich blue with the same contrast white stitching.

Vert Yucca (A8)

Vert Yucca is a new grass green color. While a pop of color, it is more subtle than Vert Comic and very reminiscent of the Yucca plant. It most closely resembles Hermès Bambou.

New White (0U)

For those hoping that Blanc was back, this color will not meet that expectation. New White, is an off-white with just a hint of mist. The barely off-white will be at home with Hermès white bags but has its own subtle personality.

How to Style Your Outfits with the New Hermès Colors

Incorporating the Hermès colors for 2023 into your look gives your wardrobe a fresh take on contemporary style. The vibrant Rose Pop electrifies spring and summer fashion but is equally suited to fall and winter. The bold shade finds its perfect foil in navy or charcoal, elevating a tailored suit or a sleek midi dress. 

For more pop to the classic fall and winter wardrobe, there are bright two yellows and two greens to choose from. They wake up earth tones or a denim ensemble with energy and flair. Consider a luxe leather jacket in a rich caramel or the season’s hot flare pants accented with your new bag.

Hermès is clearly identified with Orange and the new Orange Minium is the perfect orange to add some pop into your wardrobe. This beautiful color immediately evokes thoughts of a lighter and brighter orange than the classic Orange H. It is the color perfect for the new Hermès collector. 

The quiet sophistication of both Gris Pale and Gris Neve works wonderfully with jewel tones. It perfectly accompanies a royal blue sheath dress or wide-legged burgundy pants. Hermès grays are timeless.

For the lover of neutrals, both the New White and the Beige Marfa lend a cool sophistication to the hottest ensemble.

Additional Tips for your 2023 Hermès Hue Collection

It’s always so exciting when we get new colors from Hermès, and the 2023 color collection is no exception! Each is so lovely, it can be difficult to choose. Narrow down your choices by looking at the collection you own. Every woman should have at least two neutral-toned bags in her wardrobe, a dark one and a light one. If you have a black, dark brown, or dark gray bag, consider adding one of the pale neutral Hermès colors for 2023, like Gris Neve, Gris Pale, Beige Marfa, or New White. 

But if your collection holds only neutral shades, make 2023 the year you finally treat yourself to the radiant youthful energy of Rose Pop, Orange Minium, Sun, or Vert Comic. 

Whichever Hermès 2023 colors capture your heart, shop only with a reputable Hermès reseller like Madison Avenue Couture. As the colors arrive, Madison Avenue Couture will certainly stock; ready for immediate shipment. Shop our newest Hermès arrivals and find the perfect color for your next designer handbag.

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