Message from Our Founder

"The strength of a woman is in her purse."
- Judy Taylor

I always felt a sense of power when I walked into an office during my corporate days and put my handbag on a conference table. I felt together, complete. And as I stood up and picked up my bag, shaking hands with mostly men attending that meeting I felt beautiful and accomplished. I was initially uncomfortable carrying a Birkin to a meeting as it could be seen as my flaunting my success. How would my clients take it? But the minute I carried that bag into a business meeting, I felt empowered. I felt successful and I wanted the world to know I was successful. Some people say always look at a man’s shoe to gain insight into his wealth, his power and his taste. I’ve come to understand that one should look at a woman’s handbag for the same insight. Carrying an Hermès Birkin or Kelly or a Chanel classic bag opened doors for me. I got the attention of the Maitre D’s and waiters at restaurants and the sales people in stores. I was perceived as having wealth, power and taste. I was surprised that even if I was wearing jeans, had on no make-up or unwashed hair, I was still projecting that aura of affluence if I was carrying the “right” bag. I felt more empowered and that strengthened my confidence in all aspects of my life. This is Madison Avenue Couture’s raison d’etre. To embolden women by giving them access to those success-defining, ultra-luxury handbags that they otherwise would not have access to. The inner strength to self is one reason we use the tagline - “Some things are worth it”. We hope you enjoy shopping our carefully selected assortment of bags and luxury goods, as much as we love curating them for you.

- Judy Taylor

Madison Avenue Couture

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