Favorite Chanel Vintage: The Vanity Bag & Duma Backpack

Chanel Vintage Bags
What makes Chanel so popular?

Chanel is likely one of the most well-known heritage fashion houses in the world. The brand is known for its craftsmanship and artistry. Synonymous with the word luxury, Chanel has come to represent more than aspirational attire and accessories. It represents good taste, impeccable style, and utmost sophistication. 

A dominant player in the handbag and accessory space, Chanel maintains its leadership by delivering new and exciting styles, as well as keeping its classic pieces always in vogue. One of the keys to its success is the brand’s ability to reinvent popular styles so they feel both new and dynamic.

Vintage Chanel pieces have recently been trending as collectors seek to add iconic and important vintage Chanel bags to they collections. 

What is the history of the Chanel vanity bag?

Chanel Vanity Case

For example, in the early 1990s, Karl Lagerfeld created the Chanel vanity case and it instantly became a “must-have” among the fashionistas. The vanity case is a classic symbol of femininity and elegance, making it an obvious style for Chanel to champion. These popular handbags were typically square or rectangular in shape with the iconic CC on the front.  Chanel also produced them in round and heart shapes; vanity cases in these shapes from this period are the most collectible. 

In 2016, the Chanel vanity case was brought back to the runway. The updated design was called the “Filigree”. It was more of a square lunch box shape with the iconic CC on the front. In 2019-2020, Chanel revised the vanity cases again. This most recent version is scaled down consistent with the current mini bag trend.  Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, the Chanel vanity case is more playful than prior designs.  

What is the history of the Chanel Duma backpack?

Another example of a Chanel classic with a contemporary update is the Duma – a classic Chanel backpack. The original  “Duma Backpack” featured a half-moon shaped flap that fastened with the classic CC turn lock; it also had a small front pocket with another CC turn lock closure. The straps were just chains but were able to be slightly adjusted. Overall it was a chic and minimal style that was an instant success among Chanel lovers.

Chanel Duma Backpack

In 2019, Chanel reissued the Duma Backpack, and despite it hardly being announced, it became a very sought-after style. Most of the changes to the Chanel Duma Backpack were minor but still refreshed the style enough to make it contemporary. The overall exterior was streamlined by swapping the front exterior pocket closure from a turn lock to a snap. The straps were updated to be a combo of leather and chains, allowing for them to be more adjustable. A chain top handle was added to the style as well, creating a bit more functionality. Beyond these changes, the modern Chanel Duma Backpack version comes in more materials and colors. It’s updated take on classic simplicity and elegance is yet another reason why Chanel fans love the style.

Chanel’s ability to look back to their past designs for inspiration adds another layer of consideration to its design process. This ability to modernize and reinterpret vintage styles is one of the reasons that Chanel remains a leader in the ultra-luxury handbag space.

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