• SO and HSS Bags from Hermès – The Most Coveted Hermès Bags (Well, Except For The Diamond Crocs!)

    SO and HSS Bags from Hermès – The Most Coveted Hermès Bags (Well, Except For The Diamond Crocs!)

    What is the significance of SO and HSS bags at Podium? Prior to attending semi-annual Podium, each store is allocated a certain number of so-called “Special Order” (SO) bags.  They are typically limited to Birkins, Kellys and Constances, and have a Horseshoe stamped next to the Hermès name on the front, hence being know by Hermès afficiandos as “HSS” bags.  Bags made in accordance...
  • The Ruling on Reselling

    The Ruling on Reselling

    In early June 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court legitimized the resale market when it decided in favor of Impression Products in the case Impression Products, Inc. v. Lexmark Int’l, Inc. The case revolved around a lawsuit of patent infringement brought by Lexmark against Impression Products, which took used Lexmark ink cartridges, refilled them with their own ink and resold them at a discount.  Initially,...
  • The Preeminence of Podium

    The Preeminence of Podium

    What is Podium exactly? About 1,000 of Hermès’s store representatives—from directors to managers—go to Paris twice a year (in February and July) to select and bid for goods to carry in their respective outlets. The events are usually held at a building, where a sea on of products are lined up and displayed in a tradeshow-style fashion. Here, new collections are debuted, and orders...
  • Welcome To Our New Blog

    We started Madison Avenue Couture almost eight years ago with a true love for the quality of Hermès and Chanel handbags and accessories and a recognition that the finest products of these brands are often hard to procure. Our mission was to simplify the process of purchasing ultra-luxury merchandise and enable those wanting an Hermès Birkin or Kelly or a Chanel classic to get...
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