Why Swift Leather Is Best for the Hermès Lover of Bold Colors

Swift Leather

Selecting your Hermès bag starts with choosing the style you most love, such as the Birkin, Constance, or Kelly bag. Then, it’s all about the colors. Hermès offers an extraordinary range of hues, from sophisticated neutral shades to impossibly pale pastels and bright, bold, look-at-me-now shades. If you love vibrant, saturated colors with depth for days, Hermès Swift leather is the ideal skin for your next luxury handbag.

Hermès works with various skins, each imparting its own character. Our Hermès Swift leather guide explores what makes this skin so special that it stands out as the best of all Hermès leathers for displaying bold colors. 

The History of Hermès Swift Leather

The original iteration of Hermès Swift leather was called Gulliver. Its use was discontinued in 1999. In 2005, it was reintroduced as Swift. Both names (and that of Jonathan leather, which was introduced in 2018) are an homage to Jonathan Swift, the author of the classic satirical misadventure Gulliver’s Travels

The introduction of Swift Hermès leather coincided with the fashion world’s demand for rich, vibrant hues across Paris, Milan, and New York runways. Hermès Swift has since become one of the atelier’s mainstays, celebrated for its ability to showcase bold, saturated colors with an intensity unmatched by other leathers.

Why Bold Color Lovers Prefer Swift Leather

Hermès Swift leather is crafted from fine-grained Nubuck leather or calfskin. The leather is soft and supple, with a lovely hand, yet it is impressively durable. The surface is semi-smooth to the touch and has a rich luster. But it is Hermès Swift’s outstanding color absorption that makes it a stellar choice. The skin absorbs and displays color with exceptional vibrancy unmatched by any other skin.

Hermès Swift Leather Pros and Cons

Hermès Swift leather boasts several characteristics that make it a highly coveted skin. But its character includes a few features that may be considered drawbacks in some circumstances. A closer look at Hermès Swift leather's pros and cons will help you determine whether it's the best choice for you.

Swift Leather Pros:

Hermès Swift is all about luxury. The soft, supple skin, fine grain, and opulent color production are extraordinary. No other skin delivers such vivid color. As the leather ages, it can develop a subtle veining that adds to the bag’s appeal.

Swift Leather Cons:

The soft surface of Swift leather continues throughout the body of the skin. This allows Swift leather to be tightly molded for detailed work, yet it also leaves it rather slouchy. Larger bags cannot be made in Swift without looking a bit saggy, so it is reserved for small leather goods (SLG) like wallets, charms, and small bags. Swift leather is also more expensive than other leathers and is relatively easy to scratch. 

swift leather Hermes bag

Caring for Your Hermès Swift Leather: Tips & Tricks

Caring for Hermès Swift leather is essential to preserve its unique beauty and vibrant color. Swift leather’s susceptibility to scratches can be mitigated with simple, proactive measures. Regularly wipe your bag down with a soft microfiber cloth. This removes surface dust or soil. Gently buff away any stubborn dirt or scratches.

Be sure to store your bag someplace cool, dark, and dry. To prevent any damage, empty the purse before storing it. Some items, like keychains, can permanently dent the leather if left in place for an extended period. Stuff the bag with acid-free tissue paper so it retains its shape. And protect your Hermès Swift leather bag from getting wet when you wear it. If it does get wet, dry it thoroughly with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not expose it to heat, such as a radiator or hairdryer. Allow it to fully dry before you store it. 

Swift vs. Other Hermès Leathers: A Comparative Insight

Hermès has created over 50 premium leathers for their bags and leather goods, not counting the sumptuous exotic skins like alligator and ostrich. Each leather offers a unique profile of qualities. Some, like the Hermès Swift leather, are soft and supple, while others are more “boardy.” This leatherworking term refers to a skin that is sufficiently stiff and board-like to hold its shape well.

For instance, the soft, slouchy nature of Hermès Swift is ideal for crafting a baby Birkin in the relaxed Retourne style. Togo leather, however, is much stiffer than Swift, with a harder, more scratch-resistant surface. It is a favorite for larger bags like the Kelly 35. Togo holds its shape beautifully, making it perfect for the highly structured Sellier style. 

Box calf leather, or Veau, is Hermès’ oldest handbag leather. Exceptionally boardy, it holds its shape beautifully. Yet Box is more delicate than Swift. It scratches more easily and will quickly blister when wet. 

Swift leather is more expensive than other Hermès hides. The delicate graining is entirely natural, while that of Epsom is deliberately imprinted on the hide. Epsom is another leather that displays vibrant colors exceptionally well, though not quite as well as Swift.

Iconic Hermès Pieces Crafted in Swift Leather

Hermès Swift leather has been used to craft some of the most iconic pieces the design house offers. When bright colors are called for, Swift leather glows supreme. Hues like Vert Comics, Lime, Sun, Magnolia, and Rose Sakura shine their brightest in this leather. The celebrated Birkin and Kelly bags in the smaller sizes are often rendered in Swift leather. Beyond the famous bags, Hermès also crafts several clutches and small leather goods, such as the Jige clutch and the Calvi card holder, in Swift. The chic cuff bracelet Collier de Chien also sports Swift leather in vibrant shades.

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