Why Swift Leather Is Best for the Hermès Lover of Bold Colors

Swift Leather

The type of leather used in making a luxury bag dictates the vividness of the color and the overall look.  However, the most important factor comes down to your preferences and how you want your bag to perform. This is perhaps why Hermès has a far-reaching catalogue of leathers that all have their own unique qualities, offering a myriad of options for a multitude of personalities and lifestyles. At Madison Avenue Couture, we have the best curated collection of Hermès online.

swift leather Hermes bag

If you appreciate bold colors with a slightly relaxed silhouette, Swift leather is perfect for you. While it shares many similarities with Togo and Clemence, Swift leather has the ability to absorb dyes like few other leathers can, while simultaneously reflecting light. This enables the colors to appear brighter, richer, and more iridescent than the other leathers.

Advantages and History of Swift Leather

A major advantage of Swift is in its texture.  Swift leather has a semi-matte, semi-smooth appearance. It has a very fine-grain surface, which makes it especially soft and supple to the touch. Swift, like all leathers, can scratch but surface scratches can be readily removed with a light swipe or gentle buffing.

Originally known as Gulliver leather, Swift leather was discontinued by Hermès in 1999 and was reintroduced onto to store shelves in 2005. It came at the time when vivid, attention-grabbing hues were taking over the runways of Paris, Milan and New York. Since then, Swift has become an Hermès mainstay and an increasingly popular leather with Hermès collectors.

Since small, colorful bags remain in strong demand and Swift is ideal for these bags, Hermès has increased its use of this leather.  Today, many baby Birkins and Kellys, Constances, Kelly pochettes and Kelly cuts as well as smaller leather goods are offered in Swift leather.  Increasingly, certain colors are virtually offered only in Swift leather such as Rose Azalea and Rose Sakura.  And, classic and “rested” colors are being introduced in Swift leather such as Orange H, Blue Sapphire and Bamboo, all vividly beautiful.

Overall, bags in Swift leather impart a more striking presentation. The vibrancy of these bags make them perfect for both work and off-duty hours, and pairs nicely with jeans and a crisp white button-down, or a subdued shift dress with touches of statement jewelry.  Whether you buy a Swift leather Hermès Birkin, Kelly, Constance or adorn yourself with a Hermès Collier de Chien, it is sure to make a statement. Shop Madison Avenue Couture, the most trusted independent dealer and curator of pristine Hermes handbags and accessories.

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