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We started Madison Avenue Couture almost eight years ago with a true love for the quality of Hermès and Chanel handbags and accessories and a recognition that the finest products of these brands are often hard to procure.

Our mission was to simplify the process of purchasing ultra-luxury merchandise and enable those wanting an Hermès Birkin or Kelly or a Chanel classic to get one quickly and easily.  We don’t judge a consumer by her or his pedigree, style or look.  We don’t force our customer to buy hundreds or even thousands of dollars of items they don’t want so they can get what they do want.  We don’t make people wait months or years to get a dream bag and then another three or more hours to complete the purchase.

We stand on the principle that if you see something on our website, you put in into your cart, make payment and receive it typically within 1-2 days. To us, this is how all shopping should be, whether for a $10 shampoo or a $20,000 handbag.  Spend as little time and stress as possible buying an item, and as much time as possible enjoying it.

We also understand that as easy as we want shopping to be, they are often questions that are unanswered.  Some questions are predictable and we, like all online stores, have our FAQs.  But many questions are product specific, and best answered through a blog.  We have created this blog for this purpose.  Over time, we will address such questions as:

  • “How does a Birkin 25cm, 30cm and 35cm differ?
  • “What are the most popular blue Birkin colors?”
  • “What is Togo leather and how does it compare to Epsom leather?”
  • “How does a Chanel classic flap compare to a Reissue 2.55?

And so forth.

We hope that the blog answers and educates our readers so that they can make better purchases.  But, in the event that questions still remain, we invite our potential customers to drop us an email at info@madisonavenuecouture.com or call us at 212-207-4572.  We will do our best to respond in a timely manner.



Judy Taylor

CEO & Founder of Madison Avenue Couture
Judy Taylor, the CEO and founder of Madison Avenue Couture is one of the most respected authorities on luxury bags and accessories. Her entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to quality have cemented her as an expert in luxury retail, inspiring fashion enthusiasts worldwide
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