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Hermès Twilly Scarf

 Lovers of the luxury design house Hermès face two fundamental questions that define their position within the passionate community. The first, of course, is whether they prefer an Hermès Birkin or an Hermès Kelly bag. But just as critical is the question, “Do you Twilly your bag?” The Hermès Twilly is one of the most beloved of all Hermès accessories. The Twilly is an Hermès scarf crafted from luxurious silk twill and measuring 32” x 2”. The unusual dimensions make the scarves extraordinarily versatile, with fans continuously discovering how to use the Hermès Twilly in new, exciting ways. The colorful silk scarves are often used in the hair, around the head or neck, threaded through belt loops, or even in place of shoelaces. Many wear a Twilly as a particularly snazzy bracelet. But perhaps the most popular use of an Hermès Twilly is to accessorize an Hermès bag. Learn all about this fun fashion accessory and how to use it to enhance your personal style in our Hermès Twilly Guide. 

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The Origins of the Twilly Trend

Our Hermès Twilly Guide starts with a look at fashion history. Hermès Twillies were first introduced in the late 1930s and have been produced in countless designs ever since. Each is a wearable work of art. Twillies initially featured intricate scenes and designs that paid homage to the atelier’s equestrian origins. Today, Hermès Twilly scarves also depict florals, geometrics, animals, mythology, and many more glorious prints. 

Although it was originally intended to be worn around a woman’s hair or neck, fashionistas quickly discovered how to use the Hermès Twilly in a new way. Dressing up and personalizing Hermès bags with these scarves became a trend that took the world by storm.

If you’re wondering how to use an Hermès Twilly with your bag — you’re in for a treat! We’ll start with the basics and how we got here. Then, our Hermès Twilly Guide will take a close look at other options. 

The rolled leather handles of the Birkin and Kelly bags are susceptible to darkening after repeated contact with the oils in your skin and the lotion and perfume on your hands. This can leave your Hermès bag handles looking less than perfect after some wear. But when you tie the silk Hermès Twilly around a leather handle, it’s magic! Twillies are a great way to not only protect your bag’s handles but also showcase your personality and style. Additionally, since Twillies are made of silk, which stays cool even in the warmest months, they will keep your hands comfortable when wrapped around the handles.

Of course, some use the Twilly to dress up their Hermès bag and express their own style, but without covering the handles. Instead, they tie a decorative knot or let the ends swing free. 

The Twilly has become such an iconic Hermès accessory that the French maison released a floral perfume in 2017 called Twilly d’Hermès.

Hermes twilly in a bow


Choosing the Perfect Twilly for Your Bag

Now we come to the fun part of our Hermès Twilly Guide. Since you’ve learned how to use an Hermès Twilly, the next step is to explore how to choose a pair. There are so many Twilly colorways and patterns to choose from, and then there’s your bag’s color. Will you match the bag with the dominant hue in the scarf? Or will you choose a bold contrast? Will you jazz up a sophisticated neutral bag with glorious peacock shades?

Think how much you can change the look and even the role of your bag with the addition of an Hermès Twilly. Let’s say you have a Kelly bag in the impossibly chic Hermès Craie color, a pale and smoky cream. Imagine a predominantly fuschia Twilly wrapped around the handle. It changes the personality of the bag entirely. Then switch out that scarf for one in navy and emerald green for a completely different look. It is amazing how dramatic the change can be.

You can pair your Hermès Twilly and bag in numerous ways. Some try to match the scarf’s background color to their bag color. Others look for a Twilly with a foreground color or playful motif that contrasts well with their bag’s color. Some look to make a big statement with their pairing, while others prefer a more subtle look. That’s the joy of pairing an Hermès bag with Twilly scarves — you can create your own style.


Twilly Tips: From Drab to Fab in Seconds

There are as many ways to tie your Hermès Twilly as there are Twilly designs. Our Hermès Twilly Guide covers just a few, but they’ll hopefully inspire your imagination!

The classic way to tie your Hermès Twillyto cover your bag’s top handles is to tie a knot on one end, wrap the silk around the handle, and knot it on the other side. Leaving the ends hanging instead of tucking them in gives this style an extra flair.

If you’re feeling more romantic, fold your Twilly in half on one end of the handle, crisscross it around the handle, and tie it on the other end with a small bow. Looking to add a pop of color to a neutral bag? Tie your Twilly in a bow on one side of the handles.

What if you’re not carrying an Hermès bag with stiff handles? Not a problem! Get creative when accessorizing your handbag. 

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to one accessory. Pair your Twilly with other Hermès purse charms; one can never have too much Hermès. You can even find charms like miniature Kelly bags that have their own mini Twillies on the handles!

The Twilly’s usefulness is not limited to Hermès bags. It is the quintessential multipurpose accessory! You can use it as a headscarf, choker, bracelet, belt, or even on Chanel or Louis Vuitton bags!


The Do's and Don'ts of Twilly Maintenance

When not in use, store your Hermès Twilly flat and untied. Try to keep it away from water, as the colors might bleed, and always have it cleaned by a silk professional.


  • Store your Twilly in the original box it came in.
  • Keep it safe in a cool, dark, and dry place.
  • Iron only when using a protective cloth between the iron and the silk.


  • Leave your Twilly tied around your bag handles.
  • Wash in the washing machine.

Your Hermès Twilly is a wearable work of art. Treat it as such, and you’ll have a precious heirloom to share with future generations.

Hermes twilly

Hermes Twilly Pairings: Matching with Outfits

Our Hermès Twilly Guide is all about empowering you to express your own style with your Twillies. Imagine two best friends with very different temperaments. One is quiet and reserved. She wears earth tones and sophisticated neutral shades. Her bestie loves drama, bold colors, and animal prints. Each has a Birkin 25 in Hermès Gold. Wouldn’t it seem odd for these two women to carry the exact same bag, sensational though it is? 

The first might wear caramel slacks with sable ankle boots and a forest green sweater. She wraps her Birkin handles in a pair of Twillies with a tawny gold background and a dark green motif accented with touches of cream and yellow. So chic! Her best friend wears black leather pants, stiletto heels, and a cranberry silk top. She chooses an Hermès Twilly pair that is a riot of jewel-tone colors to one handle of her Birkin, with the ends flying free. Two stunning bags, entirely different, for two fashionable women — accomplished by the perfect Twilly selection for each.

Now that you know how to use Hermès Twillies, what will you choose? Bold colors to liven up a neutral everyday bag? Sober hues to tame a bag’s flamboyant color so you can wear it more often? Pastel florals to coax a winter bag into spring? With countless beautiful designs, there’s bound to be one (or two … or hundreds!) that speak to you. 

Madison Avenue Couture is your curated destination for authentic Hermès Twillies, handbags, and so much more. The possibilities are endless, and the choices are yours!

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