Everything You Need to Know about the Hermes Twilly

Hermès Twilly Scarf

The Hermes Twilly is an indispensable accessory for all Hermes lovers. The natural oils of your bag, mixed with lotions/perfumes and dirt you are bound to pick up once you leave your house, can leave your Hermes bag handles looking less than perfect after some wear. Twillys are a great way to not just protect your bags handles, but also showcase your personality and style. With countless beautiful designs, there’s bound to be one (or two, or hundreds!) that speak to you.

Hermes Twillys were first introduced in the late 1930s and have been produced in countless designs ever since. Measuring 31×2 inches, Twillys are made of silk, a luxurious fabric that stays cool even in the warmest of months, so if you have a Twilly around your bag’s handles, your hand will be nice and cool. They get their name from the word “Twill,” which is a weaving technique utilized for soft and draping fabrics.

When should you wear your Twillys

This depends entirely on you, Some women only “dress up” their bags with a Twilly on special occasions, while others wouldn’t dare carry their bag without a layer of protection between their hands and their handles. Some pick Twillys in similar colors to their bags, while others prefer highly contrasting styles to make their Twilly stand out.

How to tie your Hermes Twilly

There are as many ways to tie your Twilly as there are Twilly designs. See some ideas below.

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A foolproof way to tie your Twilly is by tying a knot on one end, twisting the silk all around the handle and knotting on the other side. Leaving the ends hanging instead of tucking them in gives this style an extra flair.

If you’re feeling more romantic, fold your Twilly in half on one end of the handles, criss-cross it around the handle and tie it on the other end with a small bow.

Looking to add a pop of color to a neutral bag? Tie your twilly in a bow one side of the handles.

Hermes twilly in a bow

Not carrying an Hermes bag with stiff handles? Not a problem! Get creative when accessorizing your handbag!

Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to one accessory. Pair your Twilly with other Hermes charms; one can never have too much Hermes!

Other ways to wear your Hermes Twilly

Don’t think you have to limit your Twilly use to your bags- Twillys are the quintessential multi-use accessory! You can use it as a headscarf, choker, bracelet, or even in other non-Hermes bags!

Hermes twilly


Caring for your Twilly

When not in use, store your Hermes Twilly flat and untied. Try to keep it away from water, as the colors might bleed and always take it to a silk professional to be cleaned.

Twilly d’Hermès

The Twilly is such an iconic Hermes accessory that the French maison released a floral perfume in 2017 called Twilly d’Hermès.

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