How to Carry a Birkin vs. How to Carry a Kelly

How to Carry a Birkin and a Kelly

When shopping for a new Hermès bag it’s important to take multiple elements into consideration. An often overlooked factor is how to carry a Birkin vs. how to carry a Kelly bag. Which one is more convenient for you and your lifestyle? Keep reading to find out which Hermès bag is right for you!


How to Carry a Birkin

The Hermès Birkin bag is a tote with short handles, so it has to be carried either by hand or in the crook of the arm. The Birkin is much roomier than the Kelly, so it’s easier to fill it with more items, potentially making it heavier. Also keep in mind that some Hermès leathers are heavier than others. A positive of using a Birkin is that it can be carried either open or closed, making getting in and out of the bag much easier.

A brand new Birkin comes with a clochette, lock and key. Some leave them on the bag, while others remove them before wearing them. This is entirely up to you and is a personal preference.

How to Carry a Kelly

Our #Hèrmes Mini Kelly bag is the perfect companion to start the weekend with!

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When it comes to ease of carrying, the Hermès Kelly is more versatile than the Birkin. It comes with a detachable strap, so it can be carried on the shoulder. It’s also possible to use the strap of another handbag to add even more flair and pizazz to the look. In addition, the Kelly can also be carried as a tote by its short handle: on the hand or in the crook of the arm. One caveat of the Kelly is that because of the way its designed it has to be carried closed, or you risk losing your belongings.

Other ways to carry and style your Birkin and Kelly bags

To add a little more flair to your already beautiful bag, you can add Hermès accessories like Twillys! Read how to style Twillys here.

Whether you’re looking to carry a Birkin or carry a Kelly bag, you can find both online at Madison Avenue Couture.

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