Why People Sell Their Hermès Bags

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As challenging as it can be to purchase an Hermès bag from a boutique, today, we’re exploring the reasons to sell Hermès bags. Many women and men wind up choosing to sell Hermès bags for diverse reasons. For many, it’s a one-time experience. Others turn it into a lucrative business. 

Whether you are downsizing your collection of beloved Birkin bags, or you haven’t yet scored the Kelly bag of your dreams, you have your own reasons to sell. Perhaps you want to sell the leather bags you had to take to keep your SA happy to afford to buy the exotic one you really want. Once you have clarified your reasons for selling, explore our guide on how to sell Hermès bags for cash.

Rumors abound but it is perfectly legal to resell a bag that you purchased from an Hermès boutique or from the resale market. The bag becomes your property the second it has been paid for and you have the right to do as you wish with that bag.  The only limitation is that you cannot alter the trademark and resell it in that altered state.  If the bag was not purchased directly at a store, it is important to ensure that the bag is authentic.  Selling counterfeit bags is illegal, as is buying counterfeit bags that you know are not authentic.   

We may be your favorite seller of luxury handbags, but did you know that Madison Avenue Couture is also a leading buyer of Hermès bags on the secondary market? We purchase and consign authentic Hermès and Chanel bags in new and mint condition. But just because you can sell your Hermès bags, should you?

Should You Sell Your Hermès Bag?

If you have a side hustle or a growing business selling Hermès bags, you likely purchased your bag intending to resell it. But what if this is your first time considering selling one from your own collection? How to know if you really should sell? While you are the only person who can know if selling your Hermès bag is the right choice, we can help you to clarify your thinking on the matter. 

Ask yourself the following questions, and really listen to the answers!

  • When was the last time you wore the handbag you’re considering selling? 

  • If you have not worn the bag in several months, why is that?

  • Would you be excited to wear that bag tomorrow?

  • Does this bag fit a special niche in your wardrobe due to its color, shape, leather, or size?

  • Do you have similar bags you reach for instead of this bag?

With the answers to these questions, you’ll know whether you can sell your Hermès bag without experiencing seller’s remorse.

Reasons for Selling Your Hermès Bag

We are pleased to work with many people who sell Hermès bags. Over the years, the network of people who sell to Madison Avenue Couture has evolved. People who sell to them have different motivations and cannot all be classified into "wealthy women that sell as a hobby'' or want cash that their husbands don’t know about. (Though, of course, we do see these sellers, too). 

Today, most of our sellers are looking to realize a true return on their bags. Some have established businesses of their own, buying and selling Hermès Birkin bags; others are more like investors. We have developed different categories for the bag sellers we work with based on their reasons for selling Hermès bags. Do you see yourself on our list?

The Disenchanted Hermès Customer

Many women (and some men) spend a great deal of effort, time, and money establishing a relationship with their Hermes sales associate hoping to one day be allowed to purchase the bag they desire. They are frequently offered bags they don’t truly want, but cannot refuse for fear they’ll not receive another opportunity. Eventually, they sell the Hermès bags they don’t want to MAC either to make money or to buy the bag they truly want from us.

The Downsizer

When women are downsizing, they may sell off parts of their Hermès collection, particularly if their social life becomes more limited. Some continue fostering their relationship at Hermès so they are offered one or two bags a year, then sell them to a reseller like Madison Avenue Couture, thereby profiting from the established relationships.

The Flipper

Some people look for disparities in pricing on websites selling Hermès bags. They seek underpriced bags, buy them and resell them to other websites or resellers for a profit. While the profit margin may be as little as just 5%, it can add up to several hundred or thousands of dollars on a Birkin or Kelly.

The Investor

We have sellers who have collected bags over the years and have decided to cash out and/or diversify their Hermès investment by selling their bags to buy jewelry, art, crypto, even NFTs. Hermès bags, particularly Birkins and Kellys, are an asset class, and investors treat them as such, buying and selling Hermès bags entirely for profit. Hermès bags are considered valuable investments that have historically outperformed the stock market.

The Professional/Semi-Professional Seller

Many of these are women and men who started by selling an Hermès Birkin bag they had purchased from the store but didn't necessarily want. After selling a few, they become more astute and recognize they can make significant money buying from the store and selling the bags to us. Some have gone as far as to make this a profession, recruiting family and friends to establish profiles and buy bags for them.  Professional sellers often become VIP customers of Hermès and secure the most coveted limited edition bags, as well as the opportunity to request the highly desired Hermès Horseshoe Stamp bags.

The Lover, Wife or Divorcee

This category is the stereotype most people think of when they hear of a woman selling their Hermès bags. They are affluent women whose expenditures are monitored and are looking to free cash to spend on things their boyfriend, husband or ex-husband does not know about.  They purchase or are gifted Hermès bags and resell them, using the funds for something private. Often, the reverse occurs.  The spouse or ex does not approve of the single purchase of a $20,000 plus bag, but is comfortable with the woman spending on lower priced items that aggregate $20,000 or more.  The woman will buy these items, sell them to resellers and take the proceeds to buy the Birkin or Kelly they covet. They become clients of Madison Avenue Couture.

Most people who sell their Hermès bags have moved through two or more of these categories, especially those who develop it into an investment or profession.

Choose Madison Avenue Couture for Consignment

Most of the people that sell to us or consign their bags with us treat it as a business. We develop a business relationship, a two-way street. We provide fast profits and liquidity for them, and we utilize their inventory to curate an unparalleled selection of the most highly-sought after, hardest-to-find bags in the world. In essence, it is a win-win situation for all involved.

Madison Avenue Couture guarantees the authenticity of every Hermès bag and accessory we offer. When you buy with MAC, we can deliver your bag within 24 hours. If you offer a bag for sale or consignment, you’ll receive our estimate within three days. 

We look forward to doing business with you!

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