How To Sell Your Designer Handbag For Cash

Hermès Kelly and Birkin in black, both with gold hardware sitting on an armoire.

There are many reasons people sell their designer bags. Perhaps you bought an Hermès Birkin bag in the 35cm size and just don’t wear it as often as you thought you would. A 25 cm bag would suit you better. Perhaps your Sales Associate offered you a size, color, or leather you didn’t really want but were afraid to reject, in case you wouldn’t get another opportunity. You might just be downsizing or making room for new bags. Perhaps you want to jump on a new trend, or the trend you bought into just doesn’t work for you. Whatever the reason, you arrived here and you find yourself with one or more beautiful designer bags in new or near new condition that you want to sell. Let’s look at six great tips to sell your designer handbags for cash, so you can get a good price without getting scammed.

6 Tips to Sell Your Pre-Owned Designer Handbag

The following tips will help you to discover the best way to sell designer handbags for you.

Tip #1: Knowledge is Power - Do Your Research

No one spends tens of thousands of dollars just because a purse is pretty. Designer handbag lines like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel fetch the exorbitant prices they do because they represent extraordinary quality materials and craftsmanship. Further, their bags are collectible and on-trend. If you want to sell designer bags like these, you must know the specific features of your handbag. Determine precisely what model, type of leather, color, size, hardware, etc.

Model holding a Hermès Sellier Kelly 25cm bag with gold hardware.

For instance, there is no point in trying to sell a designer bag as a “pink Hermès handbag”. But a Hermès Kelly Sellier 25 black epsom with gold hardware in very excellent or new condition would sell in a snap. The model is a Kelly Sellier (as opposed to a Kelly Retourne), the size is 25 cm, and the color is black. The leather is epsom, and the hardware is gold. Find the date stamp either inside the bag or, if it is an older bag, on the inside of the left strap. The more accurate and informed description of the handbag you want to sell, the more accurate a reseller, like Madison Avenue Couture, can determine a price.

Once you know the specifics of your handbag, broaden your search online to discover how bags like yours are currently selling. If you have had your bag for a few years, the price you paid may bear little resemblance to the amount you can sell it for. 

Tip #2: Gather All Accessories that Accompanied Your Bag

Buying a designer handbag is an experience. Your buyer wants to enjoy every one of your bag’s accompaniments, including the original box, dust bag, clochette, lock, keys and other accompaniments you may have. On newer and never used bags, providing the original receipt, redacted for personal information, is a plus as it helps verify the bag’s authenticity.

Tip #3: Why Trust the Experts

Once you have done your research and gathered all the items to include, you need to decide the best place to sell your designer bags. The answer may change based on the reason you’re selling. For example, suppose you are starting a business based on investing in designer bags to resell them for a profit. In that case, you’ll be willing to devote far more time and energy to marketing and selling than if you simply want to downsize, or trade up.

You have three primary options for where to sell designer bags:

  • Reputable luxury resellers like Madison Avenue Couture are the most straightforward and secure route for selling designer handbags for cash. You’ll have the option to consign or sell your bag. They have the experience and expertise to authenticate your bag and market it professionally. They have an established customer base. Because the store does the heavy lifting, they do take part of the profit from the sale.

  • Marketplaces like eBay where you post your bag and wait for someone to purchase it.  You will have to do all of the work, including communicating with prospective buyers, and wait until the right buyer comes along. These marketplaces take a percentage of the selling price and the profit may not be much greater than selling or consigning to a professional reseller. They also take returns, so you may sell your bag but it may be returned, sometimes not in the condition in which you sold it.

  • Sell your designer handbag directly to an individual buyer through a Facebook or other group. Again, this requires you to do all the work. It also creates the risk of being involved in a fraudulent transaction. Since you are doing all the work and selling your bag directly, you keep the total sale price.

Tip #4: Why NOT to Sell on eBay and Other Marketplaces - Beware of Scams

No matter how careful you are to document every stage of packaging and shipping your beloved handbag, once it leaves your possession, you have no way of proving that it arrived in the condition it left; or even that it arrived at all. 

When selling designer handbags, beware of these common scams documented on eBay and elsewhere:

  • The buyer claims the box arrived empty and wants a refund.

  • The buyer claims the bag is fake, returns a different bag and wants a refund.

  • The buyer claims the bag is fake and takes it to the platform’s “authenticators”, who are often poorly trained, and may damage the bag, prompting a demand for a refund

  • The buyer wears the bag, perhaps damages it, then wants to return it.

Selling platforms may require you to allow the return or make the refund. Even if you successfully argue your case to the platform, the seller's credit card or PayPal may take their side, forcing you to refund, even after the platform’s window for refunds or returns has closed. Scammers love to prey on new sellers with no history or ratings to bolster their credibility.

Tip #5: Document Your Bag Thoroughly

When selling your designer handbag for cash, it is essential that you fully document its condition. Take pictures of your bag from every possible angle, inside and out. Make the photos as professional and clear as possible. Take well-lit close-ups of any signs of wear, no matter how small or insignificant. Be upfront about any issues, like if it was stored in a smoker’s home or with mothballs (the smell is impossible to eradicate). Transparency is key to a successful sale and a satisfied customer.

It is essential to accurately judge, describe, and document your bag’s condition. Study Madison Avenue Couture’s condition descriptions to help you determine the difference between judgments like mint condition and excellent.

Tip #6: Package with Care and Get Insurance

When shipping your bag to the buyer, package it with extreme care. We recommend photographing or even videotaping every step of the packaging process. This won't help you if the buyer is running a scam, but it will prove your actions to a buyer acting in good faith and help you argue your case in a dispute. Buy the package insurance to protect yourself. 

You can choose your path now that you know the ins and outs of how to sell designer handbags. Only you can decide the best way to sell designer handbags for you, based on the amount of time and effort you can invest in the process balanced against your risk tolerance. 

Selling or Consigning with Madison Avenue Couture

When you sell your designer handbag to Madison Avenue Couture, you are entering into an agreement with genuine experts in authenticating and selling these extraordinary pieces. You know you won’t get scammed and that your bag will be treated with white-glove care at all times.

We prefer to buy new bags and consign pre-loved bags. We offer a higher payout on consigned bags, but you will not collect payment until the item is sold.

The process for selling designer handbags for cash with Madison Avenue Couture is simple.

  • Visit our Sale/Consign page to start the process. We have a short form for describing your bag, including photos, and any price expectations. We will contact you within 48 hours with an estimate.

  • If you like our estimate, we will send you a contract and a label for shipping. We are happy to pay for the shipping and insurance. Securely package your bag and send it to us.

  • Once we receive the bag, we authenticate it and inspect it to determine our final price. We pay within five business days of the final evaluation and agreement, by your choice of electronic check (ACH) or bank wire.

In terms of security, ease, and speed of payment, Madison Avenue Couture is the best place to sell designer bags in mint or excellent condition. We look forward to doing business with you.

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