New 2024 Hermès Colors

We’re excited to share with you the new Hermès colors for 2024. Hermès artisans’ extraordinary ability with color is peerless, as the latest palette illustrates. From a joyful splash of color to a subdued pastel to a moody neutral, our guide to the new Hermès colors of 2024 explores the hues’ inspiration, their compatibility with seasonal changes, and how to style them.

The Inspiration Behind the New Colors

For the latest palette of 2024, Hermès has eschewed the candy-coated colors and bubblegum pinks of the recent past. This is a highly sophisticated color palette inspired by nature. 

Hermès has described the boldest hue, Orange Field (G0), as “An orange whose sémillante power is softened by a pink undertone, like a field of poppies.” Semillanate translates as lively or vivacious. Gris Misty (H0) is said to “take its name from the cloudy veil contained within this delicately bluish mid-grey.” 

The brand describes the third Hermès 2024 color, Jaune Milton (I8), as “a soft and tender pale pastel yellow, a tribute to the shade beloved by painter Milton Clark Avery.” Although inspired by modern art, the shade Jaune Milton calls to mind the sunlight of early morning on snow.

Detailed Look at Hermès New Colors for 2024

The new Hermès 2024 color Orange Field is a strong, confident, sexy blood orange shade that sits right next door to Capucine. The bold poppy red seems infused with sunlight shining through the petals in this alluring floral shade. We know Hermès loves orange. With this lovely shade, they make believers of us all.

Gris Misty is a beautiful, rich, velvety grey. Don’t mistake it for a quiet neutral. This gorgeous shade will make any color it’s paired with sparkle. Striking with scarlet, bright yellows, and vivid oranges, a Hermès bag in Misty Gris is utterly dreamy with lilac, peach, or robin’s egg blue. We predict this grey will join the top Hermès colors that best hold their value.

 Jaune Milton is a sheer, barely-there yellow with the freshness and lightness of a squeeze of lemon juice in cool, clear water. It is the fresh tinge of color found on an early spring morning before the sun is high and the world’s colors find their full strength. A delicate shade of quiet joy.

How to Style Hermès 2024 Colors

Refresh your style with the sophisticated new Hermès 2024 colors. Orange Field adds a dash of glamour to any ensemble for spring. It electrifies a pale yellow shift, collection of neutral shades, or earth tones while grounding floral and tropical prints. You’ll reach for this bag color in fall and winter, setting charcoal greys and navy blues aglow.

Whereas Orange Field commands attention, Jaune Milton is confident in subtlety. Rather than starring in any ensemble, it plays harmony beautifully. It elevates a casual look of faded jeans and a white tee and is outstanding for cocktails with your favorite little black dress. Chic for the office, it adds personality to soft beiges, greys, and blues while enhancing floral shades for a garden party or brunch with friends.

Are you surprised to find the gorgeous Gris Misty introduced for spring and summer? Don’t be. This elegant shade frames pastels like pale pinks, peaches, yellows, lilacs, and blues the way dark velvet enhances jewels. It plays a chic counterpoint to bright yellows, reds, and oranges and is stunning with Kelly green.

The Hermès 2024 colors for Spring/Summer will effortlessly transition into fall and winter, adding energy and charm to your cold-weather wardrobe.

Comparing 2024 Colors With Previous Years

A study of the vast kaleidoscope of all Hermès colors offered this spring and summer reveals more than the atelier’s mastery of dyes and hues. We see a devotion to nature as the primary source of inspiration and emotional connection as the goal. From bold, passionate colors inspired by fire and storms to the subtle, demure shades found in a bird’s wing or a prairie evening’s sky, Hermès colors celebrate the boundless glory of the natural world.

Future Trends: What Hermès' 2024 Colors Tell Us    

The natural inspirations behind the new Hermès 2024 colors suggest a harmonious relationship between luxury fashion and environmental consciousness. The design house seems to acknowledge that the future of fashion hinges on the ability to innovate within the bounds of ethical production practices. By deriving inspiration from the natural world, Hermès pays homage to these sources and signals a commitment to preserving them. This sentiment will resonate deeply with today’s eco-conscious clientele. 

The versatility of these colors, which seamlessly transition from spring and summer through fall and winter, speaks to a future where fashion is less about transient trends and more about timeless appeal and personal style.

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