We Love Hermès' Birkin Sellier

Hermès Birkin Sellier

We love Hermès’ new Birkin Sellier, introduced by Hermès toward the end of 2019. 

The Birkin Sellier is a highly sophisticated and modern interpretation of the Birkin. The bag has a rigid, structured and minimalist design that makes it appear more elegant compared to its togo and clemence counterparts. Made of a fine grain, lightweight leather that has a bit of shimmer – Epsom, Madame and Monsieur – the Birkin Sellier is particularly perfect for day to dinner and cocktail wear. 

The Birkin Sellier is similar in construction to the Kelly Sellier in that the stitching is on the outside, so that the finish trim is on the outside.  The structure imparts a sense of formality and “ladylike”.

Hermès Birkin and Kelly Sellier

The construction enables the bag to stand up and retain its shape over continued use. In comparison, the classic Birkin and the Retourne Kelly, have the trim stitched inside, a construction that causes the bags to relax over time.

Hermès Togo vs. Hermès Sellier

The Birkin Sellier was initially introduced in the color Vert Criquet, but Hermès expanded its selection through 2020. Today, the Birkin Sellier is found in 25cm, 30cm and 35cm sizes and in a variety of colors and hardware. 


Collectors will find the Birkin Sellier fills a void in their collections. The classic Birkin, even in the 25cm size, may not seem sufficiently “formal” for certain occasions. The single handle Kelly Sellier, while more formal than the classic Birkin, has less interior space and a more complicated closure. It must be carried in the hand without its shoulder strap, whereas the Birkin can be worn on most women’s forearm.


The Birkin Sellier is a welcome addition to the Hermès handbag line.

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