A Guide to Buying Your First Exotic Hermes Bag

Your First Hermès Exotic Bag

The time has come for you to purchase your first exotic Hermès bag! If you’re here, it’s because you’re doing your due diligence and finding out as much information on exotic Hermès bags as possible. So you’re in luck, because at Madison Avenue Couture we’re experts in Hermès handbags, including the much beloved exotics. Here are some things that you need to consider before purchasing your first exotic Hermès bag.

Unless you’re a VIP, you will not be offered an Exotic

There is a large demand for exotic Hermès bags. According to the last statistics from a few years back, Hermès only produces about 3,000 exotic bags per year. So, unless you’ve already spent close to seven figures at Hermès, you will not be able to purchase one from the boutique. This is why sellers like Madison Avenue Couture are so popular — because you are able to purchase your exotic store-fresh or pre-owned Hermès bag without having to get on a wait list, or having to spend thousands on dollars in other merchandise to be offered one.

Consider the color

When choosing your first exotic Hermès bag, you want to choose a color you’re going to want to wear often. Black is always a great choice, but other dark colors, such as Graphite, are great options since brighter colors, especially without the proper care, can begin to show more wear as time passes. Darker colors are also very popular, so if you ever decide to part with your bag you will have an easier time selling it in the secondary market.

Other considerations for buying your first exotic Hermes bag

Alligator, crocodile, shiny, matte, palladium, gold…the possibilities are endless. We always recommend taking a look at your wardrobe and lifestyle before deciding which of these is right for you. But ultimately, things like size and hardware color, are a personal choice.

The case for buying pre-owned

The biggest benefit of buying pre-owned Hermès exotic bags is the price: pre-owned handbags have significantly lower prices than never-carried ones. When shopping pre-owned, however, it is of the utmost importance to purchase from a trusted source, such as Madison Avenue Couture, who are meticulous about inspecting these bags for any blemish or tarnish, such as water stains, loss of skin, etc.

Caring for your Hermes exotic Bag

Exotic Hermès bags require a bit more care than caring for leather, as they are more delicate.

  • While some leather is water-resistant, you should, under no circumstances, carry an exotic bag if there’s even a chance of rain. Water damage to an exotic is almost always irreversible
  • Be mindful of not rubbing your light-colored exotic handbags against dark-colored clothing, as the color will transfer
  • Be gentle with your handles as the skin can crack if the handles are bent
  • It’s also a good idea to wear a Twilly around them so as not to darken the handles with your hand’s natural oils.
  • Avoid lotions as they can dull and/or discolor the skin. Exotic handbags, just like leather, need to be moisturized, but it’s important to take it to a handbag spa and never attempt at-home DIY

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