Which is The Best Hermès Birkin Size?

Birkin Sizes from 25cm to 40cm

Whether you are eagerly planning your first Birkin bag purchase or are an avid collector seeking the next gorgeous addition to your wardrobe, you have some important decisions to make. Should you choose a neutral shade or a bright color? Which Hermès leather do you prefer? And which is the best Birkin bag size? Explore our Birkin size comparison to help you make your choice.

What are the Different Hermès Birkin Bag Sizes

Does size matter? When it comes to Birkins, it certainly does. Just as women come in all shapes and sizes, so, too, does the Birkin. Fashionable women the world over hotly debate the best Birkin size, and we’ll explore the beauty and advantages of each. Ultimately, choosing a Birkin bag size that both accommodates your lifestyle and is in proportion with your body ensures the purchase is one you will treasure.

Seen on the arms of countless celebrities and trendsetters throughout the decades, the Birkin has gained legendary status. The silhouette, expert craftsmanship, and fine attention to detail remain consistent, making it a recognizable classic. With your choice of Bikin bag size, color, leather, and hardware, you can use this classic fashion accessory to express your individual style.

Inspired by a chance meeting between fashion icon Jane Birkin and Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas, the Birkin bag was introduced in 1984. In time, four essential Birkin bag sizes have been released. Each Hermès bag size is named for the length of the bag’s base in centimeters. So, the original Birkin bag, measuring 35 centimeters along its base, became the Birkin 35. It is joined by the Birkin 40, currently the largest in active production. The Birkin 30 is the next in line and has a less trapezoidal shape than the 35. Finally, the Birkin 25, also known as the Baby Birkin, is the smallest-sized Birkin. (Birkins in 20cm and 15cm have been issued in limited editions.)

The size differences are noted below:

Each Birkin size has its champions, and each plays a different role in your wardrobe.

Birkin Bag 25

Model holding a Birkin 25cm

The Baby Birkin was introduced in 2004 and measures 25cm x 20cm x 13cm. The smallest Birkin size was developed in response to the growing demand for Hermès bags in the Asian market, where women tend to have smaller frames than their western counterparts. Many found the larger Birkin bag sizes too large in proportion to their frame and too heavy to carry. Then, the “mini bag” trend spurred demand for the 25cm Birkins and Kellys worldwide. Today, the Baby Birkin is the most popular Birkin size.

The smallest Birkin size, the Baby Birkin holds just the essentials, like your cell phone, wallet, compact, and keys. The handle drop is 1” shorter than that of the larger sizes, so most women cannot wear it over their forearm, particularly when they wear a jacket or coat. It must be carried in hand. The Birkin 25 transitions seamlessly from day to night and is the most popular Hermès Birkin size for an evening bag. A Baby Birkin rendered in an exotic skin like crocodile is at home on any red carpet in the world.

The petite size enables Hermès artisans to use softer or more delicate leathers for the Birkin 25. Swift leather is supple and smooth, and it performs beautifully with rich, vibrant dyes. While often used to craft a Birkin 25, Swift leather is too soft to hold its shape well in the larger Birkin sizes. Lizard skin is another leather seen rarely in the Birkin 25 and smaller leather accessories. The size of the skin and its delicacy make it far better for the smallest Birkin size.

Just as some leathers are better suited to the smaller bag, so, too, some colors are released only in specific Birkin sizes. For example, Rose Sakura is a popular hue for the Baby Birkin that cannot be found in the 35cm or 40cm and is a rare find in the 30cm.

As a result of its exceptional popularity, Hermès has increased the 25cm Birkin size production. That said, the supply is still far below the demand, which is why Baby Birkins sell for a substantial premium over retail in the secondary market.

With so much in its favor, is the adorable Birkin 25 the best Hermès Birkin bag size? More and more, fashionable women around the world are answering “Yes!”  An elegant day bag that serves as a chic evening bag is ideal for many women. But those who need to carry more on a daily basis gravitate to a larger Birkin size.

Birkin Bag 30

Model walking with a Birkin 30cm

The Birkin 30 measures 30cm x 22cm x 16cm. Many consider this to be the ideal Birkin bag size for everyday use. It represents the fashionable sweet spot between the cute Baby Birkin and the vast storage capacity of the larger bags. It is an utterly chic statement bag, perfect for work, a luncheon, or going out to dinner.

Carry the Birkin 30 comfortably on your forearm or in your hand. It will carry your makeup and sunglasses case or several small items in addition to those that fit in the smaller Birkin size. While beautiful in proportion for most women, and a popular size, especially in the West, the versatile Birkin 30 is not an evening bag.

Popular Hermès leathers Togo and Epsom are widely used for the Birkin bags size 30 and 35, as are crocodile skins. The Birkin 30 is an elegant day bag for most women.

Birkin Bag 35

Model holding a Birkin 35cm

The Birkin 35 measures 35cm x 25cm x 18cm. It is a luxury tote bag that is a stylish solution when you need to carry more with you on a daily basis. In addition to your cell phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and makeup, this Birkin size easily carries your tablet, a book, and a light wrap. It is a sophisticated bag that can be worn on the forearm or be carried by hand for any daytime occasion.

Once the most popular Hermès Birkin size worldwide, the Birkin 35 has lost popularity with younger collectors, but remains the bag of choice for those who love large totes or carry a great deal. And, of course, the 35 is the size of the very first Birkin, inspired by and gifted long ago to Jane Birkin. To many Hermès lovers, the 35 is the original, the first, the classic. Other sizes may fall in and out of popularity, but the 35cm Birkin is timeless.

There is no mistaking that the Birkin 35 is a large handbag. It becomes quite heavy to carry with no shoulder strap when fully loaded. This Birkin size has a tremendous presence on a tall woman of stature, but it can overwhelm an average-sized or more petite woman.

Birkin Bag 40

Model walking with a Birkin 40cm

The Birkin 40 measures 40cm x 30cm x 21cm. It is a handsome tote, a luxurious leather carryall that most women find too large and heavy to carry as a daily handbag. This spacious Birkin bag size carries your laptop and file folders as well as all your daily essentials and more. It is prized as a feminine take on a briefcase and makes a beautiful travel bag. The Birkin 40 is also gaining popularity with men.

Often referred to as the “workhorse” Birkin, the Birkin 40 is crafted from robust and sturdy leathers like Togo and Clemence that maintain their shape despite the large scale of this Birkin size. Among the exotic skins, crocodile is generally used for the Birkin 40, as the other skins are a bit too delicate for use on such a large bag.

The Best Birkin Size for You

The “best” Birkin bag size depends upon you. Each Birkin size has its advantages, and the choice relies on your preference and lifestyle. Many Hermès collectors include all sizes in their collections. An ideal collection might include a dark-colored 25cm Birkin in crocodile or alligator for formal use as well as one or more in bright colored leather, a Birkin 30 in ostrich or leather for everyday use, and a Birkin 35 in a classic neutral color for travel.

Ultimately, the best Birkin size or collection is the one that works best for you.

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