How to Purchase an Hermès Special Order Bag

Hermès Horseshoe Stamp Special Order Bags

While the Hermès Kelly, and specially the Birkin bags are considered Holy Grail bags, there is an even higher tier in this already ultra luxury handbag world: the Special Order (SO) bag, otherwise known as the Horseshoe Stamp (HSS) bag.

What is an Hermès Special Order Bag?

A Special Order Hermès bag is a handbag that is designed to the exact specifications of a customer. Special Orders are usually Birkins, Kellys and Constances. The privilege of designing your own HSS bag is given only to those ultra VIP customers who have a long relationship and long purchase history with Hermès.

The process of purchasing a Special Order bag can be quite daunting. Twice yearly, VIP customers are invited by their Sales Associate to place a special order.  Customers select from a list of available colors in specific leathers to create the bag’s exterior body, handles, straps, and sides/or trim.  Once selected, customers decide the color of the outside stitching, interior and hardware color. While selecting from a list of colors sounds relatively simple, the possibilities can be overwhelming.  No surprise that VIPs spend weeks agonizing on the final selection. 

How Can You Tell a Bag is a SO?

You can easily tell a bag is an Hermès Special Order bag by the horseshoe stamp next to the Hermès Paris name. Another tell is the color combination. Hermès usually makes handbags in one color, but most Special Order bags are of more than one color. Even when a Special Order is of one color, the stitching and interior typically will be of a different color.


Hermès Horseshoe Stamp Detail

How can I place an order for an Hermès Horseshoe Stamp Bag? 

Simply put, most people cannot. Horseshoe Stamp bags are reserved only for the most VIP of Hermès customers: those who have a long purchase history with the French maison. Special Orders are placed only twice per year in the early spring and early fall. Different stores will have different allotments for HSS orders, while some will have none at all. Therefore, even customers with strong buying profiles can be denied the opportunity to secure one.

Once the order is placed it can take anywhere from several months to several years for the bag to reach the customer. The person placing the order does not have to pay for it before receiving it. The handbag might eventually be declined by the original purchaser and offered to another lucky client, or, the original purchaser may chose to offer it for sale in the the secondary market.

How can I Purchase an Hermès Special Order Bag?

Since it is very difficult to place an order for a Special Order Birkin or Kelly directly from the Hermès boutique, many Hermès collectors turn to trusted online sellers, like Madison Avenue Couture, to add a Special Order bag to their collection.

At Madison Avenue Couture, you can find a highly curated selection of coveted Hermes Special Order bags.  As the most trusted Hermes dealer in the United States, you can be assured that the bag is an authentic ultra luxury handbag.

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