Hermès Oran Sandals — Super Hot After 25 Years

When you think of Hermès, what springs to mind? Likely, you think of the exquisite luxury Hermès bags like the Birkin or the Kelly. And they call to mind sky-high price tags and impossible access. It’s a good bet you don’t dwell on terms like “accessible,” “comfort,” or “sustainability.” However, these are the precise terms that factor into the enormous and lasting popularity of Hermès Oran sandals. Representing luxury, style, and versatility, these chic slides have become must-haves for trend-setters and lovers of classic looks. It’s been 25 years since the iconic shoe was introduced. Let’s explore the story behind Hermès Oran and see why they are still on most fashionista’s ‘must have” list.

Hermès Oran Sandals - Simplicity by Design

Hermès Oran sandals are the brainchild of renowned luxury shoe designer Pierre Hardy. He designed the shoe as part of the 1997 Hermès Year of Africa collection. He was greatly inspired by the way the African Ndebele tribe decorates their homes. The large-scale, bold geometrics and bright colors contain a secret language that celebrates the culture’s continuity and resistance to colonialism. 

Pierre Hardy began his career as an accomplished dancer and incorporates his respect for the human body and its need for comfort in his designs. He wanted to design a sandal so simple and comfortable it would be like walking barefoot. The result of his inspiration and goal became the Hermès Oran sandal. The padded leather insole tops a barely-there wooden heel. The prominent “H” cutout at the top pays tribute to the brand keeping with the bold, graphic appeal of Ndebele painting. Despite their minimalist sensibility, Oran sandals make a fashion statement when paired with every casual look in your wardrobe. Wear them with shorts, skirts, maxi dresses, pants, and jeans. The comfort afforded by the stylish slides makes them a perfect choice for long days when you’re on the go. Enjoy Hermès Oran slides for everyday wear at home as well as while traveling and sightseeing.

Best of all, because Oran sandals are handmade with the same commitment to quality and detail that is the brand’s hallmark, those purchased today will look and feel terrific for the years to come. 

Instagrammable Classic

Hermès Oran sandals have the staying power of a proven classic, yet remain “trending” in fashion year after year. For 25 years, fashionable women over the world have loved sporting their Oran slides. Thousands of photos of beautiful people wearing these sandals can be found on social media, particularly Instagram. 

An intriguing key to the Oran’s popularity may be its accessibility, especially compared to Hermès other leather goods. While handmade leather sandals retailing for less than $700 may not seem particularly “accessible,” they are considered a “bargain” when looking at the Hermès line.  An artisan made shoe, using the leathers that Hermès uses for its bags that maintains comfort and style with continuous year-after-year wear is a remarkable buy. 

Oran Sandals Colors, Leathers, and Styles

Hermès Oran slides are primarily crafted from Box Calf leather. This is the first leather the atelier used to create its first handbags. Box leather is an exceptionally smooth, fine-grained leather that develops a lovely patina over time. It is also quite “boardy” or rigid, so it maintains its shape well, despite heavy use. This quality can make Oran sandals feel too stiff when you first try them on. However, with repeated wear, the leather begins to relax and conform to your foot’s unique shape. This is one of the prized facets of high-quality leather shoes. 

Oran Sandals Phyton

Oran sandals are available in more than 40 different Hermès leather colors, from sophisticated neutrals to bright, bold colors and delicate pastels. You’ll also find bi-color options, a dizzying array of multi-colored patterns, and other fabrics. In addition to leather, these stylish sandals are also available in patent leather, exotic skins, denim, woolskin, velvet, and frayed canvas.  The golden jewel is the Himalaya Oran sandals, made of niloticus crocodile and dyed to resemble the Himalaya mountains.

Despite the nearly endless color combinations available, White, Black, and Gold (a rich, honeyed brown) remain the most popular Oran sandals colors. These colors are available every year, while the other seasonal colors and fashion touches tend to change from one year to the next. So, if you spot a particular color you’d love to have, it may not be available again.

Hermès Oran Sandals Gold

Shopping for Hermès Oran Sandals

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