Hermès Birkins Remain A Lucrative Investment – InStyle Magazine

A January 2019 article in InStyle.com reaffirms that buying a Birkin bag can be an extremely lucrative investment. Based on some research from HEWI, a UK company, the article states that:

  • Tireless demand and the laws of scarcity have driven the Birkin prices up virtually every year since its creation
  • Extrapolating data over the past ten years, HEWI states that the bags are poised to increase 300% over the next ten years, so that a bag retailing at $12,000 today will be selling for $63,000 in 2028
  • Access to a Birkin directly from Hermes is and will remain extremely difficult due to the lack of supply vis-a-vis demand
  • InStyle recommends purchasing from a reliable and verifiable reseller.  Madison Avenue Couture is one of the most reliable resellers in the world
  • As an alternative, InStyle recommends the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, which we also carry at Madison Avenue Couture. According to HEWI the Classic 10-inch size will increase from $5,500 to $9,000 in value by 2028

A portion of the article is attached.

Hermès Birkin Bag Investment – What Is the Resale Value_ _ InStyle


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