• The Perfect Valentine’s Day Handbags

    The Perfect Valentine’s Day Handbags

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking of gifts for your loved one, or even for yourself! At Madison Avenue Couture we have curated the best and the most romantic luxury and ultra-luxury handbags, to make this Valentine’s Day your best one yet.
  • Madison Avenue Couture’s 10 Handbags Commandments

    Madison Avenue Couture’s 10 Handbags Commandments

    Happy New Year. With every New Year, comes resolutions, which are almost immediately broken. So this year, we’ve issued our Ten Handbag Commandments, which are set in stone at Madison Avenue Couture, and should be followed by every handbag lover worldwide. 1. Thou Shall Not Buy Fakes This tops our list. Buying fake handbags may seem like it is a money saving idea, but...
  • Welcome To Our New Blog

    We started Madison Avenue Couture almost eight years ago with a true love for the quality of Hermès and Chanel handbags and accessories and a recognition that the finest products of these brands are often hard to procure. Our mission was to simplify the process of purchasing ultra-luxury merchandise and enable those wanting an Hermès Birkin or Kelly or a Chanel classic to get...
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