Our Philosophy

Madison Avenue Couture was built on the commitment that women around the world should have access to handbags that are often unavailable to all but the very privileged.   

We believe that owning an Hermès Birkin or Kelly, a Chanel Classic or Boy Bag or any other "It" bag confers membership into an elite club.  It not only enhances a woman’s style but also empowers her, giving her a greater sense of self every day she wears the bag. It is also a powerful and enduring expression of the love of a man for a woman, of gratitude from a child to a mother, or of acknowledgement by a woman of herself.

In curating our collection, part of our mission has been to offer products that are “investment grade”, that are likely to maintain close to their value over time. The classic styling and high quality of Hermès and Chanel handbags, in particular, make them timeless pieces that can be passed down to the next generation or sold at attractive prices in the active and thriving resale market.

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