Fashion is Fleeting. Style is Not.

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Time old question: What is style versus fashion? How do you want the world to perceive you?

Most people want to be admired for their good taste when it comes to making their style choices. Why do I say 'style' choices rather than 'fashion' choices? Fashion is as fleeting as the shows that arrive then leave. Style is  constant. Style is timeless. Style is an investment with divendends that return. Style isn't a pungent perfume that permeates the air uninvited. Style doesn't scream "Look at Me!'


Fashion rides the trend wave. It is never sure whether or not it is staying for the long haul. Fashion is a statement that says 'I have arrived!'. Fashion allows you to express your moods at any given time. It is a trend you turn to when you want to dial it up and be noticed or stand apart while imitating the latest look.


Whether you are style aficionado or fashion maven,  at Madison Avenue Couture there is something for everyone.


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